These Air cooled chillers  absorb heat from process water and can be transferred to the surrounding air.  Air cooled chillers are generally used in applications where the additional heat they discharge is not a factor.  They require less maintenance than water cooled units and eliminate the need for a cooling tower and condense water pump.  They generally consume approximately 10% more power than water cooled unit as a wet surface transfer’s heat better than a dry surface. In the past, fresh water was used freely for cooling production processes.  Today, most processes require cooling water with much closer defined tolerances. Air cooled water chillers provide cooling in a controlled closed circuit.  This means that the water used for your production processes is reliable, constant, and defined.



Scanair Air cooled water chillers are manufactured in india with small chilled water tank with evaporator and process pump, refrigeration system to cool the water altogether fitted in to one bracket the chilled water at decided temperature will be pumped in to the process in a closed loop system the heat will be absorbed by the chilled water and come into the tank.  It will be recirculated for various applications as detailed given below. Air cooled water chillers will maintained Temperature range from 5˚ C To 30˚ C  ± 1˚ C. capacity from 450 Kcal/Hr to 150000 Kcal/Hr with 30 LPM to 600 LPM different flow capacity. Water or other liquid from the chiller is pumped through process  or industrial equipment specially for Plastic Injection Molding, Pet Blowing, Aluminum Die Casting, Laser Welding,  Ultra sonic Welding, Induction  Hardening Machine Condenser cooling, Diffusion pump, Machine Tool application, Plasma etching, etc., those applications need to be cooled in presided Temperature to reduce the cycle time and product quality, productivity.  Scanair chillers are designed new generation styled and built esthetically to match the modern trend in equipment manufacturing.



What is the difference between and air cooled chiller and a water cooled chiller?

These two terms have to do with how the chillers refrigeration system gets rid of the heat it removed from the water process loop. In the case of an air cooled chiller heat is rejected to the ambient air in the case of a water-cooled chiller heat is rejected to some other water source such as a cooling tower water system.



Why should you purchase and air cooled chiller?

If the facility does not have a ready water source such as a cooling tower water system air cooled chiller is the easy way to go for installation the chiller itself is a little more expensive. However, with respect to the total system it is much less because you don’t need anything else to carry the heat rejects other than air.