Liquid ChillerScanair Liquid Chillers are manufactured under GMP standards, and the evaporators are designed with SS 304, 316 L Grade plate type heat exchangers. Evaporator will facilitate use of internally enhanced high performance tubes and permits liquid to be circulated at high velocity through the tubes resulting in greater heat transfer and higher operating efficiencies. Because anodizing process generates a lot of heat, cooling is a must, particularly for hard coating processes. Liquid Chillers will do most of the work, removing process heat using either an air or water cooled chiller. Air cooled units are generally installed outside, and eliminate the need for a tower.

Water-cooled units are the most efficient method, particularly in warmer climates. They are installed inside a building with a cooling tower outside.

vapour recovery systemToughened glass heat exchangers to handle direct liquid like Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4), Hydro choleric acid (HCL) and other hazardous liquids in following process. Hard Aluminum anodizing process need the sulfuric acid both to be cool at + 4˚C for excellent performance and higher quality component production. Scanair liquid chillers can handled those liquid directly in to the evaporator get cooled by the special metal like titanium, molybenum steel, copper lead coated tubes, thorough fluid pumps and it is pumped into your process for successful production.

Liquid chillers will maintain the temperature range from 0˚ C To + 30˚ C ˚ ± 1˚ C, capacity from 3000 Kcal/Hr to 150000 Kcal/Hr 3 LPM to 650 LPM with different flow capacity. Easy and practical to open side panels for servicing each plumbing, refrigeration accessories, electrical accessories. Compressors incorporate in a variety of safeguards that ensure durability including an internal pressure relief valve, motor temperature protections superior oil management functionality. Liquid Chillers are ozone friendly, packaged types have been designed for many years of trouble free operation. Chillers ideal and most suitable for a wide spectrum of applications in industries like soft drinks, soda, bulk drug manufacturing, fruit, beverages, bakery, laboratories, petrochemical and refineries, distillation process, pharmaceutical, laboratories, R&D Labs etc.,