Scanair industrial chiller is a cooling system that removes heat from one element (water) and transfer it into another (ambient air or water). A chiller is a compressor based cooling system that is similar to an air conditioner except it cools and controls the temperature of a liquid instead of air. Industrial chillers are engineered for demanding process fluid cooling applications and incorporate the latest in industry-leading design and control. Packaged with enhanced features and high performance refrigeration components, our self-contained air-cooled and water-cooled chillers are extremely affordable. These ozone-friendly chillers have been designed for many years of trouble-free operation.


Water Chiller

Scanair water chillers provide cooling in a controlled closed circuit which ensures the temperature of the water used for your production processes is reliable, constant, and defined.


Air Chillers

Scanair Air chillers, manufactured for electrical and electronic control panels like CNC  panels, telecom rooms during the operations those machines will dissipate heat.


chilling plants

Scanair manufacture chilling plants, both Air Cooled and Water Cooled type, with wide range of industrial processes and production machinery applications, can be used to cool any machine or process that operates from 10°C To 30°C or over.


Brine Chiller

Scanair Brine chillers can be used special application in aquamarine industry the sea water cooled with titanium gasket heat exchanger evaporator for corrosion free life for many years of trouble free operation.


Glycol Chillers

Scanair Glycol Chillers are latest technology engineering designed for demanding process glycol cooling applications and will maintained temperature range from – 20°C To +30°C ± 1°C


Medical Chillers

Medical chillers are the most important device used to manage water of glycol temperatures to achieve the optimal medical equipment system temperature.
Medical Chillers are built to have zero downtime because high quality components provided to compensate in the case of equipment failures


Process chillers

Scanair process chillers are manufactured with small chilled water tank, evaporator, process pump and refrigeration system to cool the water altogether fitted into one bracket. The chilled water at decided temperature will be pumped in to the process in a closed loop system.


Industrial Chillers

These chillers are ozone friendly, packaged types have been designed for many years of trouble free operation. Chillers ideal and most suitable for a wide spectrum of applications in industries that requires large scale cooling needs.

Over the years, our chillers have been subjected to the most critical on-the-job performance evaluations. The result has been proven reliability and a reputation for a solid quality machine. Scanair manufacturers water chillers for a wide range of Industrial and commercial applications. Scanair is the manufacturer of chillers, for all kinds of industrial cooling needs.