Process ChillersScanair process chillers are manufactured with small chilled water tank with evaporator and process pump, refrigeration system to cool the water altogether fitted in to one bracket the chilled water at decided temperature will be pumped in to the process in a closed loop system the heat will be absorbed by the chilled water and come into the tank.  It will be recirculated  for various applications as detailed given below. The food industry uses process chillers to cool any process such as chocolate manufacturing, vegetable processing, meat massagers/injectors and confectionery manufacturing, Plastic Injection Molding, Pet Blowing, Aluminum Die Casting, Laser Welding,  Ultra sonic Welding, Induction Hardening Machine, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical and Laboratories application, Dairies etc,. If the water temperature differentials between inlet and outlet are high, then a large external water tank would be used to store the cold water.  In this case the chilled water is not going directly from the chiller to the application, but goes to the external water tank which acts as a sort of “temperature buffer.”  The cold water tank is much larger than internal water tank.  The cold water goes from the external tank to the application and the return hot water from the application goes back to the external tank, not to the chiller.

Process chillers  Water chillers will maintained Temperature range from 2˚ C To 30˚ C  ± 1˚ C. capacity from 450 Kcal/Hr to 150000 Kcal/Hr with 30 LPM to 600 LPM different flow capacity. The baking industry may use process chillers in their process of mixing.  The chilled water from a water chiller may be used to allow longer mixing times which improves the final quality for any grade of flour. Water or other liquid from the chiller is pumped through process or industrial equipment . Flexibility of design and product adaptability.  Each unit individually constructed to meet your exact specifications.  Our portable units are available in from 0.25 Ton To 20 Ton units in our Vertical, Horizontal, or Remote systems. Scanair chiller are designed new generation styled and built aesthetically to match the modern trend in equipment manufacturing.