Portable ChillersScanair Portable Chillers – A liquid cooling system on caster wheels that can be relocated from one application to another with relative ease.  It can be used to cool one or more heat generating devices. In the printing industry, a chiller not only removes the heat generated by the friction of the printing rollers, but cools down the paper after it comes out of the ink drying ovens in the process. Portable Chillers are manufactured with small chilled water tank with evaporator and process pump, refrigeration system to cool the water altogether fitted in to one bracket the chilled water at decided temperature will be pumped in to the process in a closed loop system the heat will be absorbed by the chilled water and come into the tank.  It will be recirculated for various applications as detailed given below.

Portable chillers will maintain the temperature range from 5˚ C To 30˚ C  ± 1˚ C. capacity from 450 Kcal/Hr to 150000 Kcal/Hr from  0.5 LPM To 120 LPM with different flow capacity. Water or other liquid from the chiller is pumped through process or industrial equipment specially for NMR Magnet Analytical NMR’s come in three kinds of magnetic field generation, electromagnetic, permanent magnet and superconducting.  Electromagnetic field generation was a great interest to us.  The coils consume 10’s of KW and must be kept at constant reproducible temperature.  High flow and precise temperature control are very important.  NMR is a phenomenon which occurs when the nuclei of certain atoms are immersed in a static magnetic field and exposed to a second oscillating magnetic field.  NMR spectroscopy is routinely used by chemists to study chemical structure.  Definition: a measure, by means of applying an external magnetic field to a solution in a constant radio frequency field, of the magnetic moment of atomic nuclei to determine the structure of organic compounds.  This technique is used in magnetic resonance imaging.

Plasma Etching is often described as “the fourth state of matter”.  The first three states solid, liquid, and gas plasma etching technology can remove organic and inorganic contamination, increase wet ability, increase bond strength, and remove residue.  If effective surface treatment is critical to the efficiency of a process or the reliability of a product, plasma technology may be the best answer.  Thermal loads are a few hundred watts for lab systems.  Precise temperature control is not important.  Temperature is normally 20˚C.  Cooling passages are small but pressures are not high, 5-10 psi or 50.  Cooling passages within a single device are – 3/16” diameter and 3” long.

Portable Industrial Chillers

Plastic Injection Molding Process by which plastics granules are compressed in a mold through heat and pressure to form an end piece.  A chiller is used to cool the molds in order to have the plastic release.  Rapidly cooling the mold solidifies melted plastic allowing it to be released. Portable chillers ideal and most suitable for a wide spectrum of applications in industries like Pet Blowing, Aluminum Die Casting, Laser Welding,  Ultra sonic Welding, Induction  Hardening Machine, Blister Packing, Pouch Filling, High Frequency Welding Machines, R&D Labs, Rotary Evaporators, Medical Equipment, like MRI, CT , Pet Scan, Electronic Micro Scope, Distillation process, Cryogenic compressors and other sensitive medical systems etc., Those Machines need to be cooled in presided Temperature to reduce the cycle time and product quality, productivity.  Scanair Portable chillers are designed new generation styled and built aesthetically to match the modern trend in equipment manufacturing.

Flexibility of design and product adaptability.  Portable Chiller units are individually constructed to meet your exact specifications and available in 0.25 Ton To 10 Ton Capacity and Vertical, Horizontal, or Remote systems available.