Air ChillersScanair Air chillers, manufactured for electrical and electronic control panels like CNC  panels, telecom rooms during the operations as those machines will dissipate heat.  Air chillers controls the heat and maintains a precise temperature, relative humidity and dust free environments for the panels.

Our spot cooler, panel air conditioner, precision air conditioning system, conveying air conditioning system, are manufactured for film negative storage, perishable food hygro  cooling, hygroscopic  drug manufacturing area, Spot cooling, Paint booth and Paint lines, Candy manufacturing process that needs to maintain precision temperature, relative humidity and fresh air level. Scanair Air Chillers will maintain the temperature range from – 40˚ C To 30˚   ± 1˚ C. capacity from 450 Kcal/Hr to 150000 Kcal/Hr with 100CFM To 20000 CFM with different air flow capacity. These air chillers are ideal all most suited industry like Film Blowing, HDPE, LEPE, Lamination Industry, Candy Manufacturing, Spot cooling area  etc.,

Flexibility of design and product adaptability.  Air Chiller units are individually constructed to meet your exact specifications.  Our Air chillers units are available in 0.25 Ton To 10 Ton Capacity and Portable, Vertical, Horizontal, or Remote systems available. Scanair Air chiller are designed new generation styled and built aesthetically to match the modern trend in equipment manufacturing.