Wine ChillerScanair Wine chillers are also called as custom built commercial refrigerator or display walk in coolers, these units are pre designed and engineered with stainless steel SS 304/316 L constructed  essential features to match the modern trend and hygienic conditions. Our Wine Chillers maintain precise temperature and frost free model with auto defrost sensor system. High tech units incorporating revolutionary cooling system with advantages like rapid pull down of temperature, units are available both in horizontal and vertical versions. It starts from 30 Ltrs to 3000 Ltrs wide volume capacity these chillers are basically used in bars, pubs and hotels.

Ideal and most suited for a wide spectrum of applications in industries like pharmaceuticals, laboratories, RND labs, tissue culture, food processing, dairies, floriculture, vegetables, fisheries, poultries, meat industries etc.,

Fermentation Chillers

The most advanced developments have occurred in the process of wine making. Once the grapes are crushed, they are transferred to the fermentation tank, and the tank is cooled and maintains the temperature at the 2˚ C To 6˚ C  range. The wine manufacturer adds sugar and yeast to start the process of fermentation. Scanair fermentation chillers allows you to control your fermenting environment at a low electrical consumption cost, compared to a dedicated ferment cooling refrigeration system.

We strongly believe that this will help our customer to choose a right product for their applications  and we also manufacture custom built equipment as per the site requirements and customers satisfaction. Scanair industrial commercial refrigerators are engineered for demanding sterile process applications and incorporate the latest in industry leading design, and control.  Packed with enhanced features and high performance refrigeration components, our self contained air cooled condensers are extremely affordable. This ozone friendly commercial refrigerator have been designed for many years of trouble free operation.