Recirculating chillers recirculate a clean coolant at constant temperature and pressure to increase the stability and consistency of water cooled machines and instruments.  Air cooled chillers eliminate the use of tap water and prevent clogging and corrosion of small diameter heat ex-changers due to rust and scale build-up. Closed Loop Chillers use a storage type cooling tank to provide close temperature control of recirculating coolants.  The tank is sealed to prevent coolant evaporation and fouling, and supplied with a liquid level gauge, fill port and clean out.  The pump recirculates coolant at constant pressure and flow, which is adjustable by turning a manual by pass valve.

Scanair Recirculating Chillers



Scanair Recirculating Chillers are manufactured in India with small chilled water tank with evaporator and process pump, refrigeration system to cool the water altogether fitted in to one bracket the chilled water at decided temperature will be pumped in to the process in a closed loop system the heat will be absorbed by the chilled water and come into the tank.  It will be recirculated  for various applications as detailed given below.  Recirculating chillers will maintained Temperature range from 5˚ C To 30˚ C ± 1˚ C. capacity from 450 Kcal/Hr to 150000 Kcal/Hr with 30 LPM to 500 LPM different flow capacity. Water or other liquid from the chiller is pumped through process or industrial equipment specially for In the laser cutting industry, light projection industry a chilling system is used to cool down the lasers and power supplies.  And other industry like Blister Packing Machine, Film Blowing, HDPE, LEDPE, Lamination/Pouch Sealing Machine, Rubber Molding Machine, Plasma Spray/Coating machines, Medical Equipment, Plastic Injection Molding, Pet Blowing, Aluminum Die Casting, Laser Welding,  Ultra sonic Welding, Induction  Hardening Machine etc., those applications need to be cooled in presided Temperature to reduce the cycle time and product quality, productivity.  Scanair chillers are designed new generation styled and built aesthetically to match the modern trend in equipment manufacturing.


Printing Chillers

In the printing industry chillers are used to remove the heat generated by the heated printing rollers due to friction. They also help cooling the paper when it comes out of the ink drying ovens curing the ink along with ultraviolet lamps also for curing purposes. It is cost saving to the printing industry because it is used to regulate temperatures in the press rollers which helps to the reduction of stretching and bleeding. In doing this it decreases the time needed to print.