Scanair Cryo Chillers maintain constant temperature of water bath with double wall stainless steel interior, powder coated exterior laboratory finish, temperature range from -70˚C to 100˚C ± 0.5˚C differential adjustment.  External stirrer keeps the temperature uniform and digital temperature controller to maintain temperature accuracy. Optional circulation pump available inbuilt system can be adjusted flow rate and accurate Kilo calories required.

Cryo chillers, Cryo bath/ circulator, are manufactured with small chilled liquid tank with evaporator and process pump, refrigeration system to cool the liquid. Altogether fitted in to one bracket the chilled liquid at decided temperature will be pumped in to the process in a closed loop system the heat will be absorbed by the chilled liquid and come into the tank.  It will be recirculated   for various applications as detailed given below.

Cryo chillers for Bioreactor

A bioreactor grows living cells in a small spinning container.  Spinning simulates a weightless environment that allows 3-D tissues to grow in a more natural manner.

Cryo chillers for Cell Freezing

A technique to determine at what temperature a given cell will freeze.  Refrigerated circulators will permit a sub-ambient environment for a quick freeze.

Distillation Apparatus

The process of purifying a liquid by boiling it and condensing its vapors.  Depending on the size of the apparatus, a refrigerated circulator or chiller can be used to condense the vapors back into a purified liquid.  Definition; Distillation is a technique for separating components of a mixture on the  basis of differing boiling points.  The mixture is heated, vaporizing some of the components.  The vapor is collected and condensed to isolate the components with the lowest boiling points.

Reaction Vessel Normally a jacketed vessel of varying size (10L to 200L) in which a thermal reaction is occurring.  A chiller or circulator is used to control the vessel temperature by circulation throughout the vessels jacketed surface. The above units are available in 10 Ltr./20 Ltr./50 Ltr./100 Ltr./200 Ltr. Capacity with Spherical Reactor and up to 500 Ltr. capacity with Cylindrical Reactor.

The patented control techniques incorporated into the Scanair Series chillers provide for seamless transitions between cooling to heating.  Our chiller/heater combination units are specified with high precision over a wide temperature range.

Why is it necessary to specify the temperature at which the maximum cooling capacity is needed?  To achieve the desired temperature desired rate of change.  Often a system is required to go to an extreme temperature; however, it may not matter that it arrives at that point very quickly.  In this case, a cooling capacity can be specified at a more conservative level, allowing for a lower power unit which may take up less space, less energy, and would be less costly.

Plain or distilled water is suitable for many applications in the medium temperature range, and it’s easy to obtain.  For lower than freezing temperature ranges as 50/50 mix of water a glycol or an alcohol.  However, there are many reasons not to use water: Limited temperature range (+10˚C to +90˚C ) Ions in the water can cause corrosion and result in a build-up of residue Water natures organic material growth for these reasons, other fluids are used.

Recommendations: Use distilled water for temperatures from 10˚C to 90˚C or a mixture of laboratory grade ethylene glycol and water for temperatures -20˚C to 100˚C. The fluid must be chemically compatible with the wet parts.  The fluid must also be able to produce the temperature range desired.  For optimal temperature stability, the viscosity should be 50 centi-stokes or less at the lowest operating temperature to allow good fluid circulation and to minimize heating from the pump.

Re-circulation: A system of externally circulating temperature controlled fluid pumped from a  Scanair product such as a chiller or circulator.  The thermal fluid flows through a customer’s device or apparatus and back to the chiller for the purpose of temperature controlling the external device.  The thermal fluid being circulated functions to heat, cool or maintain the temperature of the external device and then return it to the chiller or circulator, thereby recirculating the thermal fluid.

 Controllers: Scanair offers three microprocessor, PID controllers on their circulators series as well as a proportional analog controller on several additional products.  These controllers combine performance and easy to use features to maintain and adjust temperatures of the Scanair products in heating or cooling functions.  Scanair chillers all include an LED set/read microprocessor controller.

 Cooling Capacity: The capacity of a refrigeration system to remove a quantity heat or cool a given amount of air or fluid, usually rated in units of Kcal/Hr of  Watts.

Accuracy: Is how close the indicated temperature display agrees with an accurately calibrated standard thermometer at a given point, as in the reservoir of a bath.

Temperature Uniformity: Indicates how the temperature deviates at various points throughout the reservoir of a bath over a period of time at a given temperature using water as the thermal fluid.

Circulator, circulating bath or thermostat are all names for similar devices that very accurately control temperature of fluids over a wide cooling or heating range.  These devices also have varieties of circulating pumps that are characterized by low pressure and low volume.  They are usually small; bench-top sized, have modest cooling capacity, include a usable reservoir and are used for controlling applications where temperature accuracy and stability are necessary.  In these FAQ’s, Scanair will use the name circulator to define this type of device.

A chiller, or recirculating chiller, is also a temperature controlled circulating device, but unlike a circulator, a chiller has greater cooling capacity, is usually some what less accurate in temperature control, and has greater pumping volume and pressure.  Because of their greater cooling and pumping capacity, chillers are larger than circulators and are usually located on the floor rather than a bench top.  The temperature range of the chiller is les than that of the circulators because chillers are optimized for high capacity cooling or use in close to room temperature conditions.  Various models can also include heating capabilities.

Cryo chillers will maintained Temperature range from – 70˚ C To 200˚ C ± 1˚ C. capacity from 450 Kcal/Hr to 150000 Kcal/Hr with different flow capacity. Glycal or other liquid from the chiller is pumped through process  or industrial equipment specially for Bio reactor, cell freezing, distillation apparatus, Dry ice replacement, Freeze point determination, General Lab Cooling, Rotary evaporator, Glass condensers, vapour recovery, cryogenic compressors, Electron Microscopes, Linear accelerators etc., those applications need to be cooled in presided Temperature, product quality, productivity.  Scanair chillers are designed new generation styled and built aesthetically to match the modern trend in equipment manufacturing.