Scanair Dry cooling heat ex-changer is equipment which is used to cool and maintain the temperature of process hot water at a particular level. This operates on the principle of heat transfer by a hear ex-changer with extended fins.  This fan is driven by an Electric motor.  This system is combination of fin and tube heat ex-changer heat transfer coil with axial flow fans and rigid construction for continuous operation.

Advantages of Dry cooling heat Ex-changer

  • No water consumption/uses free air at ambient condition without any preparation.
  • No water softening plant
  • No scale formation/No cleaning of heat ex-changers
  • No Mixing of dust/dirt/fly ash.
  • No corrosion because of unique FRP construction.
  • No moving parts except fan and motors/negligible maintenance cost engine operate at peak load with maximum efficiency.
  • Installation is easy with standard pipe flanges.

The dry cooling heat ex-changer consists of finned tube heat ex-changer, water is passed through the tube and atmospheric air is forced through the external fins.  The heat from the water is transferred to the cooling air and the water is cooled.

The hot water from the diesel engine is sent to the inlet of the dry cooling ex-changer.  This hot water is cooled and cold water from the outlet of the cooling tower is connected to a pump which pumps the water to the diesel engine (OR ANY OTHER LOAD) to pick up the heat from the generator. A surge tank is mounted at a suitable height; this is for compensating water losses if any.  The dry cooling heat ex-changer can be installed in any place, open yard, on the building or any other places where adequate atmospheric air is available for cooling.

Dry Cooling Heat Ex-changer Atmospheric Cooling Tower & Heat Ex-changer
No Water consumption Huge losses of water due to evaporation, drift, spray loss and blow down.
No preparation is required for atmospheric air is available in plenty. Water is scarce.  Bringing water to site is expensive.  Water has to be treated before use.
No scale formation.  No cleaning of Heat Ex-changer. Scale formation is unavoidable.  Frequent cleaning is required leading to high down time and expensive labour.
No moving parts except fan and motors negligible maintenance. Maintenance is required on a day to day basis.  V belts, bearing blocks, pump couplings, Sprinkler nozzles has to be cleaned.
No mixing of dust, dirt, fly ash or living organisms with process water. Water exposed to dust and dirt will be contaminated.    Fungus formation and living organisms will foul heat ex-changer which requires cleaning.
No restriction on plant location. Water source decides the location of large plants.
No corrosion due to air. Steel plants in contact with water are corroded.